Unnar frá Skoti did very well at the foalshow!

Unnar fra Skoti is born at the 1st of August so he was the youngest foal at the foalshow at Stoeterij van het Ilperveld at 27th september. But he scored extremely well! He scored 8.20 in total with 8.40 for gaits!

His mother is Ugla frá Nátthaga, a daughter of Aron fra Strandarhöf∂i. Aron has a lifetime achievement for offspring, and the mother of Ugla, Gáta frá Dalsmynni, is tested with a 8.07 and is out of the great Orri.

The father of Unnar is the well known Hnokki frá Fellskoti, who is double world champion in tölt. All this genetic material behind him, made Unnar a very good mover. The jury said about Unnar:

Small and very young stallion foal with extraordinary high, wide movements in all gaits up to a very high tempo. Showed himself independent and with a lot of willingness.

The two mare foals out of Geysir, also by Hnokki out of Gy∂ja, our Orri-mare, were tested very well at the same foalshow. Skerla frá Skoti, out of Skör fra Litla Brekku (but as a embryo transplanted in another mare!) got 8.20 for interior, 7.80 for exterior and 8.10 for gaits, a total of 8.03.

Elfa frá Skoti, out of Elja vom Hofgut Retzenhöhe, got 8.10 for interior, 7.90 for exterior and 8.10 for gaits, a total of 8.04.

Unnar: DSC_0072

Skerla: DSC_0195

Elfa:    DSC_0012